Best Digital Marketing Course. GGS College, Kharar

Are you passionate to market any kind of website? Are you searching for the best digital marketing courses? Then, here is the top of the line answer to all of your questions. Yes, the world is rounded by the digital era and everything is operating via digital media. To accomplish all these works without anyone’s help, you have to go through with the course from some Best Digital Marketing Institute. Keeping in view its growing scope, this year GGS College of Modern Technology has introduced in its curriculum one year diploma course in Digital Marketing. Visit the website for more info. You can find the best Digital Marketing Course here.

Understanding Digital Marketing

It is One of the most fascinating and versatile fields and is a booming industry not only in India but across the globe. With almost all businesses going online in their marketing activities, the demand for digital marketers is increasing at a rapid rate and is opening doors for plenty of job seekers.  The employment sector has seen a major share of jobs generated by the Digital Marketing Industry, in recent years. In India, this number is expected to grow rapidly with the advent of Digitalisation in the country.The career scope in the industry is attracting the masses, and this is one of the reasons various professionals are learning the course from the best marketing training institute to enter the industry. The current market status of Digital Marketing shows that it is at its peak, and is going to stay so for obvious reasons. 

Brand Awareness

One of the key objectives of modern digital marketing is to raise brand awareness, the extent to which customers and the general public are familiar with and to recognize a particular brand. Enhancing brand awareness is too important in digital marketing, similarly marketing in general, as a result of its impact on brand perception and consumer decision-making, as we say “Impact of Brand on Consumer Behavior”:

Digital Marketing Modules Offered By GGS Sachdeva

Best Digital Marketing Course. GGS College, Kharar

WEBSITE MARKETING A website is the center of all digital marketing activities. Alone, it is a very powerful channel, but it’s also the medium needed to execute a variety of online marketing campaigns. A website should represent a brand, product, and service in a clear and memorable way. It should be fast, mobile-friendly, and easy to operate.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Search engine optimization techniques may be used to improve the visibility of business websites and brand-related content for common industry-related search queries. The importance of SEO to increasing brand awareness is basically for the growing influence of search results and search features like featured snippets, knowledge panels and local SEO on customer behavior.

PAY-PER-CLICK (PPC) ADVERTISING PPC advertising enables marketers to reach Internet users on a number of digital platforms through paid ads. Marketers can set up PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook and show their ads to people searching for terms related to the products or services. PPC campaigns can section users based on their demographic characteristics (such as by age or gender), or even target their particular interests or location. The most popular PPC platforms are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

CONTENT MARKETING The goal of content marketing is to reach potential customers through the use of content. Content is usually published on a website and then promoted through social media, email marketing, SEO, or even PPC campaigns. The tools of content marketing include blogs, online courses, infographics, podcasts, and webinars.

EMAIL MARKETING It is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Many people confuse email marketing with spam email messages. But that is not what email marketing is all about. Email marketing is the medium to get in touch with your potential customers or the people interested in your brand. Many digital marketers use all other digital marketing channels to add leads to their email lists. Then, through email marketing, they create customer acquisition funnels to turn those leads into customers.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING The primary goal of a social media marketing campaign is brand awareness and establishing social trust. It is also one of the easiest way to build your page on any social media website. But your main focus should be the brand awareness. As you go deeper into social media marketing, you can use it to get leads or even as a direct sales channel.

AFFILIATE MARKETING Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, and the Internet has brought new life to this old standby. With affiliate marketing, influencers promote other people’s products. And to get a commission every time a sale is made or a lead is introduced. Many well-known companies like Amazon, Myntra, Shein etc. have affiliate programs that pay out millions of dollars per month to websites that sell their products.

VIDEO MARKETING YouTube has become the second most popular search engine. A lot of users are shifting to YouTube. To learn something, read a review, or just to relax. There are several video marketing platforms, including Facebook Videos, Instagram, or even TikTok to use to run a video marketing campaign. Companies find the most success with video by integrating it with SEO, content marketing, and broader social media marketing campaigns. As it has a huge impact on the audience if we see at wider level.


It plays a major role in digital marketing. Remarketing is a way to connect with people who interacted with your website or mobile app before. It allows you to strategically position your ads in front of these audiences as they browse Google or its partner websites. Thus helping you increase your brand awareness or remind those audiences to make a purchase. Therefore you can remarket or we can say remind them that they were interested in something before.

Scope Of Social Media Marketing

  • Allows companies to promote themselves to large, diverse audiences that could not be reached through traditional marketing. For eg. phone and email based advertising.
  • Marketing on most social media platforms comes at little to no cost- making it accessible to virtually of any size business.
  • Accommodates personalized and direct marketing that targets specific demographics and markets.
  • Companies can engage with customers directly, allowing them to obtain feedback and resolve issues immediately.
  • Ideal environment for a company to conduct market research.
  • Can be used as a means of obtaining information about competitors and boost competitive advantage.
  • To promote brand events, deals, and news, social platforms can be used.
  • Platforms can also be used to offer incentives in the form of loyalty points and discounts.

Digital Marketing Course, Duration, Fees & Eligibility Criteria

 Our college offers Internet Marketing  course at PG level Diploma Course under management stream. Course duration is of one year. You can visit our website to know our fees structure and eligibility Criteria. It is one of the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Punjab.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Before opting for Digital Marketing course, candidates must get an idea of what they would study once they get enrolled in course. Read further to know the syllabus of a Digital Marketing course: 

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Website Planning and Structure
  • Facebook Marketing Fundamentals
  • Facebook Advance Strategies
  • Google Adwords
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Google Plus For Business
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Integeration with Website
  • Google Analytics And Webmaster Tool
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Summing up, If you want your brand to be on top or you want to be an expertise in Digital Marketing, Join Us with our new PG Diploma Course. Because we offers best Digital Marketing Course. Visit the website for further more queries.

Importance Of Education In Our Life

Importance of Education
A Child Without Education is Like Bird Without Wings. Importance of Education

” Importance of Education”, Well, we people know it well already but ignorance becomes a hurdle to our success. And then at the later stages of our life regret is the only thing we have in our mind. This article will aim at avoiding that particular regret of life. Education plays an important role in our life. The first thing that hit our minds when we think about education is gaining knowledge.  Education provides people with knowledge, skill, technique, information. Also it enables them to know their rights and duties toward their family, society and to the nation as well. It expands our vision of seeing the world. It develops the capabilities to fight against injustice, disorder, corruption and many other awful elements in the society. GGS Sachdeva focus on what matters the most to us, to society and to the nation as a whole.

What Does The Society Has To Say About The Importance Of Education?

People need a good education to be able to survive in this competitor world. Modern society is based on people who have high living standards and knowledge. It allows them to implement better solutions to their problems. One of the most important benefits of education is that it improves personal lives and helps the society to run sleekly. We live in a world where everyone is judged by our educational knowledge. Without education, humans would not be rational to be able to differentiate between the rights and wrongs.

Importance of Education
Education is The Most Powerful Weapon You Can Use To Change The World. Importance Of Education

How Education Empowers Everyone?

1.  Removing Poverty
Education helps in removing poverty as if a person is educated, he/she can get a good job and can fulfill all the basic needs & requirement of themselves and their families as well.

2.  Safety and Security against Crime
If a person is well-educated, he will not be fooled by anyone very easily. An educated person is less prone to get into domestic violence & other social evil situations. They enjoy healthy relationships in life. That means people will have less chances of being cheated or becoming a victim of brutality.

3. Prevention of Wars and Terrorism
To lead a safe & protected life, one needs to understand the value of education in our daily life. One needs to take an active part in various educational activities. These types of productive activities provide knowledge to live a better and secure life.

4. Commerce and Trade
A good education doesn’t simply mean going to school or college & getting a degree. Trade & commerce of the country will also be flourished easily if its citizens are well-educated. Education helps to become self-dependent and build great confidence. On getting an education, their standard of life gets improved.

5. Women Empowerment
Education also helps in empowering women. Certain old customs like Not Remarrying Widows, Child Marriage, Dowry System etc. can be crushed with the power of education. Women, if educated, can raise voice against the injustice happened to her. This will bring a lot of development in society as well as in the nation. In short, Right to Freedom of speech & expression can be used in the right way if all women will become educated.

6. Communications
The relation between education & communication is apparent. Good education helps to communicate better with other people. It also improves our communication skills. A person who is educated feels confident within himself/herself to confront or give a speech in front of a large public or can held a meeting or seminar.

Writing emails, letters, typing messages, reading magazines & newspapers or even using a Smartphone can and will never be possible without getting a basic education. That is what importance of education is.

Importance Of Higher Education Education

Importance of Education
GGS College Of Modern Technology

It is very important to attain higher education because college studies open wide horizons of knowledge in the life of students. Many students ignore college education because of the excessive expenditure. But College Education is very important for the future of an individual to get better jobs. Therefore its benefits far outweigh the investment of time, effort and money.

Higher education institutions ensures the relevance of their knowledge, identify skills gaps, create special programmes and build the right skills that can help countries improve economic prosperity and social cohesion. So choose the right institute to attain this precious knowledge and GGS College of Modern Technology is perfect platform to attain your goals. Higher Education helps in workforce development to the economy and changing demand for the new skills, develop relevant skills and activate skill supply, and thus support improvement in productivity and growth of the nation as a whole.

Higher education is a technology and innovation driver. One of the aim of the modern universities is finding solutions to big challenges and conducting research within global priority areas, contributing to social outcomes such as health and social engagement. As such GGS College plays their part well in nation building by excelling their students in various fields of knowledge such as B.Tech, BBA, BCA, B.Sc., MBA, MCA and various other Post Graduate Diploma Courses.

Knowledge is the true basis of higher education: its production through research, its transmission through teaching, its acquisition and use by students. Hence, excellence must remain the basic objective of any institution of higher education and GGS College is well aware of this responsibility of providing skilled professionals to the country.

The world is changing. Technology is developing beyond our imaginable dreams, and complex issues in business, environment, and politics continue to challenge our society. Higher education prepares students to face these challenges with grit and determination.

A college education is more than classroom instruction. It is a holistic journey that explores facets of individuality, perseverance, and skill. A degree is all about learning how to think, communicate, and deliver. More realistically, it can be considered as a transformation — from potential to realization.

Are you ready to earn your degree? Check out our undergraduate and Post Graduate programs, today!


An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest. Study MCA

Students are not much aware with the scope of MCA. As we have discussed in other blogs, before choosing any stream, it’s always important to be familiar of any program like what it offers, what are the specializations of the course, what are the job opportunities, and most importantly, whether it interests you or no. And after that of-course from where to pursue. The MCA course was designed to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals in the field of Information Technology. MCA can be pursued after the completion of bachelor’s degree. Usually, the graduates of Bachelor’s of Computer Applications (BCA) pursue MCA. At GGS College of Modern Technology,  the course focuses on latest programming languages and tools to develop better and faster applications. BCA prepares a base while MCA adds a specialization in the subjects studied in BCA.

This article will guide you on various aspects of studying MCA. Let us delve in…

What is MCA?

MCA stands for Master of Computer Applications.  MCA is a three-year (six semesters) professional Master’s Degree in computer science awarded in India. It is a postgraduate course that can only be taken up after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree. In Our GGS College, the MCA programme is focused more toward Application Development tools to develop better and faster applications. The course helps in meeting the rising demand for qualified and skilled professionals in the field of IT.

What MCA Covers and its Duration

MCA is a three-year degree course and Our GGS College covers topics related to network and database management, programming algorithm design and optimization, mathematics, finance, statistics, electronics, accounting, and so on. The scope of MCA course emphasises more towards the development of applications. Therefore, give more importance to the latest programming tools and languages in an attempt to develop faster and better apps.

How are MCA programmes designed

As the IT and the software industry are dynamic and fast growing, Therefore, GGS College have designed all the programmes keeping in view the scope and needs of industry. The course emphasis at the understanding of the fundamentals of computing among the students so that they can compete in the present-day global situation.

Objectives & Benefits of MCA

  • MCA assits in preparing you to jump in the industry as system designers, system analysts, designers, and programmers, etc. The course, hence, is inclined at imparting inclusive knowledge with equal significance given to both theory and practical.
  • The individual qualities a student possesses will benefit him in his way for a brighter career.. A student will be imparted the fundamental training in computer applications when he studies the BCA course. But when he take up the MCA course, he develops further into this fantastic field of study.  The standards of education that is offered to students at GGS College of Modern Technology ensures that they are capable to work with any corporate that hires them.
  • The main significance of doing MCA after BCA will one understands the finer points of the computer applications course. By just studying the BCA course won’t be enough to get the thorough knowledge of computer application. Moreover it adds another feather to your cap which will enhance your future prospects.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities of MCA. Scope of MCA

It is a fact that the BCA course cannot provide the stability and the career options that the MCA program can provide. The BCA course will only give the fundamental exposure of the many applications of the Computer Language. However, it cannot and will not give one the strategically as well as optimized environment that the MCA can. Thus we can say that the a MCA course has a value of its own and its personal individuality. GGS College of Modern Technology will make sure that  their every student holding MCA degree has huge job opportunities in the top IT companies and other organizations. MCA degree holder can grab the opportunity to work in best IT companies on various roles such as:

  • System Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • Software Consultant, and more


MCA degree holders can be sure of a bright future ahead with a decent pay scale. However, the university or institute chosen to pursue MCA also matters. And you just landed on the perfect platform to pursue this course as GGS College of Modern Technology has the specialized staff and latest study material which will excel you in the field of IT. So, make your decision today and get enrolled with us. Doing so we can open doors for you towards an ample number of jobs in both Private and Government sector. Grab the opportunity at the right time. And don’t forget to visit our website to know more about the admission procedure, fees structure and seat allocation system of the course.

Why Study MBA?

Take First Step Towards Transforming Your Life. Study MBA

After completing the undergraduate degree, the first hurdle  graduates face is deciding whether or not to pursue their studies further and they ask themselves what should be the further study option and if thinking of MBA then what is the benefit of studying an MBA and why. The skeptical approach is reasonable, Post graduate studies can be expensive, but in the long run, the benefits of holding an MBA far outweigh the value of its price, investments of time and hard work. Infact it will definitely pay you back. The next hurdle which comes fro is from where to pursue an MBA degree.

For this you need not to search further because GGS College of Modern Technology, Kharar, offers you a complete MBA course with high placement records. Pursuing a professional MBA degree can have a number of both expected and unexpected benefits in your life. In fact, those benefits often extend beyond your career and are applicable to your personal life as well. If you’re planning about pursuing an MBA or attempting to weigh the benefits of earning an MBA against its cost, consider some of these reasons why you should get an MBA. Some of them may astonish you.

Develops Innovative Perspective

Regardless of your background, technical, business, or liberal arts, the MBA study will provide you the necessary knowledge to run a business. In addition, the MBA provides a safe learning environment for the student to practice and develop their business skills. One example for skill development can be of the use of a simulation model called Business Strategy Game (BSG). This tool provides the student in a team setting the opportunity to make decisions on running some business operation. Students gwt to know what is the better way to practice which type of business. This enables a student to co-ordinate with others in the team and learn from their respective professional strengths.

 Keep up with the competition

There is huge demand for MBA graduates. The top countries with the highest markets for jobs requiring MBA’s are the U.S., India and Brazil, with the majority of openings in the finance, consulting and technology sectors.  By hiring MBA’s with expertise in specific areas assures such team members that they have had the appropriate training necessary to add value to business and succeed. The key skills for employers is soft skills, such as communication and critical analysis. These skills are developed during MBA programs through debates, collaborative activities, case-study analyses and presentations.

 Higher Paid Salary Job Opportunity

Increased pay is surely one of the key reasons to pursue an MBA. Graduates can expect a significant increase in salary after graduation, as employers acknowledge the advanced and specialized skills acquired during the MBA study. On the other hand, it is essential to have realistic salary expectations during the job search process.

 Higher chances of holding a high-level management position

So, why an MBA is essential for your career? Another big reason to study MBA is to move up to a high-level management position. Many employers search specifically for MBA graduates in the hopes that they will enhance with the organization. An MBA deserves to be at higher levels of management. If you scrutinize the professional job sites you will see an MBA is required to even be considered for open management positions.

Mutual Learning

You learn from others including instructors that include working practitioners. Look at this as free consulting work. As you network with not only with other students but also instructors.The GGS College MBA program has a diverse group of enrolled students as well as instructors facilitating the program. There is no other better way of learning than from real world experiences of others. To share real business situations and what was done to drive success or failure is invaluable. This in itself is a key strength to study MBA .

Launching Own Business

You can use this course to launch your own business. There are various opinions that budding entrepreneurs may not need a formal education to launch the next great idea. I will agree time is critical on new product launches. But for many technically driven entrepreneurs being able to compose a sound business plan and have a thorough understanding of the key components of MBA  education is a good idea.

Develop Managerial Skills

The school of “business” is an opportunity one may pursue to gain skills and knowledge. The MBA gives students an opportunity to sharpen their managerial skills as well as soft skills. Working on teams and analyzing companies in real world settings better prepares the student than just experience

Making a decision to study MBA should not be taken lightly. After all it is a important time and financial commitment. Motivation to ensue the MBA program you pursue is a critical step. But choosing to pursue the program will definitely add a fruitful feather to your cap. GGS College of Modern Technology will assist you at each and every step to become upcoming successful entrepreneurs. The course details, duration, eligibility criteria and fees structure is provided on the website. Click here to know more. Looking forward to seeing you in class!!

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