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Students are not much aware with the scope of MCA. As we have discussed in other blogs, before choosing any stream, it’s always important to be familiar of any program like what it offers, what are the specializations of the course, what are the job opportunities, and most importantly, whether it interests you or no. And after that of-course from where to pursue. The MCA course was designed to meet the growing demand for qualified professionals in the field of Information Technology. MCA can be pursued after the completion of bachelor’s degree. Usually, the graduates of Bachelor’s of Computer Applications (BCA) pursue MCA. At GGS College of Modern Technology,  the course focuses on latest programming languages and tools to develop better and faster applications. BCA prepares a base while MCA adds a specialization in the subjects studied in BCA.

This article will guide you on various aspects of studying MCA. Let us delve in…

What is MCA?

MCA stands for Master of Computer Applications.  MCA is a three-year (six semesters) professional Master’s Degree in computer science awarded in India. It is a postgraduate course that can only be taken up after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree. In Our GGS College, the MCA programme is focused more toward Application Development tools to develop better and faster applications. The course helps in meeting the rising demand for qualified and skilled professionals in the field of IT.

What MCA Covers and its Duration

MCA is a three-year degree course and Our GGS College covers topics related to network and database management, programming algorithm design and optimization, mathematics, finance, statistics, electronics, accounting, and so on. The scope of MCA course emphasises more towards the development of applications. Therefore, give more importance to the latest programming tools and languages in an attempt to develop faster and better apps.

How are MCA programmes designed

As the IT and the software industry are dynamic and fast growing, Therefore, GGS College have designed all the programmes keeping in view the scope and needs of industry. The course emphasis at the understanding of the fundamentals of computing among the students so that they can compete in the present-day global situation.

Objectives & Benefits of MCA

  • MCA assits in preparing you to jump in the industry as system designers, system analysts, designers, and programmers, etc. The course, hence, is inclined at imparting inclusive knowledge with equal significance given to both theory and practical.
  • The individual qualities a student possesses will benefit him in his way for a brighter career.. A student will be imparted the fundamental training in computer applications when he studies the BCA course. But when he take up the MCA course, he develops further into this fantastic field of study.  The standards of education that is offered to students at GGS College of Modern Technology ensures that they are capable to work with any corporate that hires them.
  • The main significance of doing MCA after BCA will one understands the finer points of the computer applications course. By just studying the BCA course won’t be enough to get the thorough knowledge of computer application. Moreover it adds another feather to your cap which will enhance your future prospects.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities of MCA. Scope of MCA

It is a fact that the BCA course cannot provide the stability and the career options that the MCA program can provide. The BCA course will only give the fundamental exposure of the many applications of the Computer Language. However, it cannot and will not give one the strategically as well as optimized environment that the MCA can. Thus we can say that the a MCA course has a value of its own and its personal individuality. GGS College of Modern Technology will make sure that  their every student holding MCA degree has huge job opportunities in the top IT companies and other organizations. MCA degree holder can grab the opportunity to work in best IT companies on various roles such as:

  • System Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • Software Consultant, and more


MCA degree holders can be sure of a bright future ahead with a decent pay scale. However, the university or institute chosen to pursue MCA also matters. And you just landed on the perfect platform to pursue this course as GGS College of Modern Technology has the specialized staff and latest study material which will excel you in the field of IT. So, make your decision today and get enrolled with us. Doing so we can open doors for you towards an ample number of jobs in both Private and Government sector. Grab the opportunity at the right time. And don’t forget to visit our website to know more about the admission procedure, fees structure and seat allocation system of the course.

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